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1. Hello, and welcome to JohnLutz.com!

This website provides safe, effective, research study referenced natural healthcare information. Whether you choose a 100% natural approach to healthcare, or a combination of natural healthcare and other healthcare interventions, natural healthcare can provide help for improving your healthcare concerns!

If you have questions or information that you'd like to share, I can be reached through the contact page of this site.

Thank you for visiting, and wishing you the best of health!


John H. Lutz, III

2. Quick Bio

We're each blessed with different, often very unique abilities, educational opportunities, work experiences, and life paths. In my case, this has included:

  • The ultimate home school learning environment (growing up with many very knowledgeable family members, neighbors, sports coaches and pastors).
  • Extensive sports nutrition studies (real-world studies on the effects of nutrition and natural healthcare therapies on bodily functions).
  • College studies in engineering, dietetics and web design (how things work, how the body works, and how to communicate information online).
  • 9 years of work in the highest volume, most advanced health food stores in the U.S. and the world (at the time, 1994-2003), which involved regularly researching and personally testing many of the 40,000+ products offered in these stores, and regularly testing and utilizing the therapies and services offered by innovative healthcare practitioners and top healing centers encountered during trainings, at industry events, in the stores, and/or in books, magazines and medical journals featured in the stores.
  • 3 years of direct, on-site work in some of the most advanced nutrition-based medicine and natural healthcare healing centers in the U.S. and the world. This work involved regularly personally observing and testing innovative natural healthcare healing therapies, and learning directly from the leaders of the clinics and other on-site healthcare practitioners.
  • 26 years of study (overlapping the above time period, while also including 5 years of one-on-one weekly educational training) with one of the top authors in the natural healthcare, alternative medicine and integrative medicine healthcare fields (the author of about 20 books, all with 4-5 stars on Amazon; books which are commonly featured as top books in health food stores and natural healthcare healing centers; the author was also the founder of a top magazine in the field of natural healthcare, alternative medicine and integrative medicine, the producer of 4 DVDs, and the producer for a movie for the theaters on innovative natural healthcare, alternative medicine and integrative medicine research). He recently passed away, in 2016. In 2009, he stated that he expected that I would carry on his research after he had passed away, which I'm currently doing with my work, since we had/have many similar work interests.
  • 30 years of study of many of the top books on nutrition-based medicine and natural healthcare, which included 8 years of work managing the book departments of the largest, most advanced health food stores in the U.S. and the world (at the time, 1994-2003), and managing a selection of 500 to 2,000 top natural healthcare books.
  • During the above work, while working full-time for 9 years in stores with 20,000 to 30,000+ shoppers per week, I likely spoke with 50,000 to 75,000+ consumers and many healthcare researchers and practitioners one-on-one about nutrition, healthcare topics, and innovative natural healthcare research and treatment options.
  • As a result of the above educational opportunities, work experience, and related factors, one of my primary work-related goals is to share top natural healthcare research, products and services with as many people as possible, as cost-effectively as possible.

3. Products and Services

3.1 Wholesale/Close to Wholesale Natural Healthcare Product Membership Program

I'm currently developing and offering a Natural Healthcare Health Optimization VIP Membership Program for wholesale/close to wholesale pricing for natural healthcare items online in the following product categories, with a focus on organic items, and best-of-the-best health optimization items available within each product category: grocery (nonperishable categories to start), nutritional supplements, natural bodycare, bulk foods, nutrition-based medicine and natural books and textbooks, kitchen equipment (juicers, blenders, etc.), innovative, highly advanced home health tests, and related items (items commonly sold at 25 to 50% above wholesale pricing). Additional products and product categories will be added on an ongoing basis.

Currently available items

  1. Fairly inexpensive healthcare consulting by phone with some of the top experts in the U.S. in the fields of nutrition-based medicine and natural healthcare ($200 to $400, with follow-up appointments available for about 1/2 these prices).
  2. About 40 highly advanced/world-class nutrition-based medicine and natural healthcare home health tests.
    1. Samples to be sent for evaluation include hair, saliva, urine, stool or blood. Blood samples can be obtained and sent with the test kit to the lab inexpensively (for about $40 or $50), and a doctor's prescription is not required for most tests.
    2. Test prices range from $10.95 (for a quick home health test to evaluate your vitamin C level very easily with urine and litmus paper types of strips; 12 days of tests are included for the $10.95 price!), to about $80 to test your vitamin D levels, to about $340 for more comprehensive tests, such as tests to analyze digestive function, nutritional factors related to heart health, and your overall levels of many nutrients essential for health.
  3. About 400 nutritional supplement items and natural bodycare items covering all major categories, most nutrients, and most healthcare topics of concern (multivitamins, men's health, women's health, children's health, immune system support, heart health, brain health, hormonal health, joint health, vision health, dental care, detoxification support, and many other categories), along with some health foods (organic seeds, coconut oil, olive oil, energy bars, green superfoods and other popular items).
  4. About 600 top books on nutrition, natural healthcare, alternative medicine, men's health, women's health, children's health, healthcare conditions, and related topics. The initial selection of books will feature the best sellers commonly featured in health foods stores throughout the U.S., and many books commonly listed as recommended reading (highly informative for consumers and healthcare professionals) or college textbooks at nutrition-based medicine, natural healthcare and naturopathic medicine colleges (most, if not all, of these books are still very readable for consumers).
  5. Target date for adding these items to an online store and making them available for purchase: 10/31/21 (item #'s 1 and 2 are currently available).
  6. For those who purchase VIP Memberships during September and October, they will have immediate access to the above listed products and services as they are posted online during September and October, and access to the additional products listed below, as they are posted online during the following months. The September and October membership signup time periods (in regards to time period start date for their membership), will begin on 11/1/21, which is the current target date for having a large (to very large) selection of top natural healthcare supporting products and related items online.

Products to add after the above initial items have been added to the online store

  1. Many additional grocery items (nonperishable to start), nutritional supplements, natural bodycare products, nutrition-based medicine and natural healthcare books, health tests, and additional related product categories.
  2. Target date for adding these items to the online store and making them available for purchase: 11/1/21.
  3. Ongoing: research and optimization of a core product mix of 1,000-5,000 items, and a wider selection of other popular items. Current tentative goal as of 9/20/21 for 11/1/21 store development: 5,000 to 10,000+ items. With excellent community support, possibly many more!

Natural Healthcare Health Optimization VIP Membership Purchasing Options

  1. $60 for an individual per year; $100 for a family home per year.
  2. $180 for an individual for 3 years; $300 for a family home for 3 years.
  3. $300 for an individuals for 5 years, $500 for a family home for 5 years.

Options for inexpensive access to organic produce, meats and seafood (not currently included in the above membership program) are currently being further researched, and will be sent to members by e-mail as they become available.

Liberty Bell, Independence Hall

Natural Healthcare VIP Membership Sale: An additional 3 months of membership will be added to the above membership time periods for the first 250 new members during months of September and October, 2021. This will help provide additional funding for the full development of an excellent online store featuring many of the best-of-the-best products from the natural products and natural healthcare industries.

For currently accepted payment options, see How to Purchase Products and Services.

3.2 Health Coaching for Increased Nutrient Intake and Health Optimization

Two health coaching options (either option, or both options): $50/month for 4-5 months' time, which is the amount of time commonly needed to effectively learn the information being shared. Monthly payments of $50/mo., or save $25 for 4-5 months of prepayment (4 mo. = $175; 5 mo. = $225). I provide the following types of training:

  1. Health coaching for maximizing nutrient intake from food sources, and obtaining over 100% RDA/RDI (over 200% RDA/RDI in many cases) for each of the 41 nutrients currently classified as being essential nutrients for health. Each of these nutrients have hundreds to thousands of currently known essential functions in human health!
  2. Guidance for utilizing an industry leading, highly advanced, artificial intelligence database/health optimization system which references over 40,000 studies related to health optimization, information on 350 genes, 300 lab biomarkers, 4,000 prescription drugs, numerous articles and studies on nutrition, supplements, herbs and lifestyle issues, as well as EPA environmental studies, and generates health optimization protocols (for educational purposes, which individuals can discuss further with their trusted healthcare providers, their family, and spiritual advisors, if they choose to do so) based upon the information entered into the system and the data referenced by the system. One example of the system's effectiveness: It was utilized to discover the cause of seizures in an individual, and the individual was fully cured -- meaning the cause of the condition was fully identified, and the cause was addressed with nutrition-based medicine and natural healthcare methods, resulting in no more more seizures and no more drugs for seizures. And, equally important, a greatly improved overall level of health and wellness was achieved!

3.3 Health Consulting for Healthcare Concerns

Health consulting for healthcare concerns: I share innovative, highly advanced research and help consumers make their own highly informed healthcare decisions (together with their trusted healthcare providers, their family, and spiritual advisors, if they choose to do so): $75/hr. I do not "diagnose or prescribe." I share highly advanced, innovative healthcare research, which is not commonly known by many healthcare practitioners or consumers. And, when requested, I share the contact information of practitioners who excel in providing related healthcare consultations and services, or remote phone consultations.

3.4 Health Condition Natural Healthcare Research Summaries

Health condition natural healthcare research summaries: I prepare highly informative, research study referenced healthcare topic research studies for individuals and healthcare practitioners. The price for this service varies depending upon how deep of a research summary is desired, commonly $100 to $1,000. Examples of natural healthcare research summaries prepared (from very detailed research summaries, to fairly brief summaries): Natural Healthcare Approach to Immune System Support, Vitamin C, Parkinson's Disease, Hypothyroidism, Osteoarthritis, Appendicitis.

3.5 Consulting and Research Support for Healthcare Practitioners

Healthcare practitioner consulting and research support: I provide consulting, educational training and/or research support for healthcare practitioners seeking to expand the scope of their knowledge, their practice, and their success helping patients: $75/hr. On-site, remote and/or I'm available to sit in with patients and discuss related research and information with the practitioner privately or with the patient and the practitioner. Again, I do not "diagnose or prescribe." I share highly advanced, innovative healthcare research and, when necessary and requested, I share the contact information of respected practitioners specializing in the research and related healthcare services, and offering healthcare consulting and services, or remote phone consultations. For healthcare practitioners, I provide research study referenced health topic research summaries for topics and conditions for which additional research, innovations, and potential solutions are needed.

3.6 "Pay What You Can" Natural Healthcare Educational Training and Consulting

For those who are unable to afford the above listed rates, "paying what you can" is fine. Contact me for related requests.

3.7 Income Opportunity for Others

Earn income: Earn weekly income by sharing the Natural Healthcare Health Optimization VIP Program with others! Contact me for additional program details and information.

3.8 E-newsletter Subscription

E-newsletter signup: Newsletters feature natural healthcare information, products and services of interest to many people, from many different sources, along with my current natural healthcare research. To signup, send your name and your e-mail address to jl [at] johnlutz.com.

3.9 Donations

A primary goal for my work is to provide highly effective, research study referenced natural healthcare information and related products and services at wholesale, or close to wholesale prices, and help as many people as possible access the top research, products and services available from the fields of nutrition-based medicine and natural healthcare. Helping many people access top natural healthcare research, products and services at as reasonable of a price as possible is essentially a nonprofit mission. A 501c3 has not yet been registered (donations are not currently tax deductible), but that is currently being considered. For those who would like to help financially support these efforts, your support is greatly appreciated! And, for those would like to help with related projects, see below for my contact information.

4. How to Purchase Products and Services

Online credit card processing is currently being added. 2-5% of those charges go to banks, though! Better options, with no fees charged to the sender or recipient, are included below:

Payment for purchasing the above items can be sent through Zelle, a free money transfer service offered by most banks. $0 in fees are charged to senders and recipients. Additionally, Zelle can be used to send funds for free, even if it is not offered by your bank. E-mail addresses (or phone numbers) are used by Zelle to identify recipients, and e-mail messages (or text messages) provide notifications of funds successfully sent and received. To purchase of the above items, funds can be sent through Zelle to jl@johnlutz.com. Call if you have any related questions: 302-793-9330.

Or, alternatively, payment for the above items can be sent by check to JohnLutz.com LLC, PO Box 734, Claymont, DE 19703-0734.

Thank you, and wishing you the best of health!


John H. Lutz III