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This website provides safe, effective, research study referenced nutrition-based medicine and natural healthcare information. Whether you choose a 100% natural approach to healthcare, or a combination of natural healthcare and other healthcare interventions, natural healthcare can provide help for improving your healthcare concerns!

Health Optimization and Proactive Healthcare

See Health Optimization and Proactive Healthcare.

Nutrition-based Medicine and Natural Healthcare Research and Consulting Services

I share as much information as possible online, but I have a large amount of health-related information to share that is not yet online! For those who are interested discussing a healthcare condition or topic, or obtaining information on top books, authors, websites, social media accounts and other sources of information on a healthcare concern, or learning about nutrition-based medicine and natural healthcare practitioners who specialize in a healthcare topic or concern, I offer nutrition-based medicine and natural healthcare consulting services for sharing additional health-related information.

Health Consulting Information

HIPAA compliant online video conferencing through your phone or computer

  1. Scheduling a time for the online video conferencing: HIPAA compliant online appointment scheduling is currently being added, but it is not currently available online. For now, I can be contacted by phone, text or e-mail to set up a video conference time, a phone call, or an in-person meeting time. Simply leave a message with your contact information, your preferred meeting format, and a few times that would work for you. I do my best to respond to messages within 48 hours, and I commonly return calls between 2:00 to 7:00 PM, Monday through Friday. See also the information on these types of communication formats, below.
  2. Beginning the online video conferencing: Simply use your computer or your cell phone to go to https://doxy.me/johnlutz and enter your name, and I'll be notified that you are available and waiting to start the video conference. There is no login process required (no username, password, or account setup required!). Just enter your name, and click yes two times to approve enabling your webcam and microphone for online video conferencing. That's all there is to it!
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Phone and e-mail use: Most phone and e-mail systems are not highly secure. For those seeking increased phone security, one popular option is signal.org (a free download onto your phone, which provides encryption between users, if a call or text is initiated through the software). For e-mail, one popular option is protonmail.com, which also provides encryption between users. For each of these options and others, I cannot 100% confirm their security, but they are current popular and well-respected choices, and they provide added layers of security.

House calls: For those who live in the Northern Delaware area and are seeking in-person consulting on a health topic of concern, I would be happy to meet you at your home ("house calls" for the sharing of research study referenced, real-world proven, nutrition-based medicine and natural healthcare information) or another requested location.

Information by mail: For those who seek information on a healthcare topic and would like to avoid tech systems all together, I can be reached by mail at the address listed on my contact page.

Fees charged: I work on a donation basis, rather than a fee basis. Funding to support my work can be sent through Zelle (a free money transfer service offered by most banks, with no fees charged to senders or recipients) or by check to the mailing address on my contact page.

Please note: I do not engage in "the practice of medicine," "doctor patient relationships," or "diagnosing or prescribing." I share information and supporting research from the fields of nutrition-based medicine, natural healthcare and related fields (orthomolecular medicine, naturopathic medicine, functional medicine, alternative medicine and integrative medicine, and other health fields) in an educational format for consumers and healthcare practitioners. And, upon request, I provide detailed research summaries on natural healthcare research for health-related topics for consumers and healthcare practitioners. Two examples: immune system support, books on nutrition-based medicine and natural healthcare. Upcoming nutrition-based medicine and natural healthcare research summary topics (Lord willing, and funding permitting):

Current Health Research Topics

  1. Nutrient Functions and Top Food Sources (greatly expanding upon this page for each nutrient)
  2. Blood pressure and heart health
  3. Circulation support (expanding upon this page)
  4. Cancer (greatly expanding upon this info)
  5. Diabetes (advancing this info)
  6. Osteoarthritis (updating and advancing this info)
  7. Rheumatoid arthritis
  8. Weight loss
  9. Vision improvement (advancing this info)
  10. Dental care (advancing this info)
  11. Detoxification support (advancing this info)
  12. Food sensitivities
  13. Digestive support
  14. Skin health (expanding upon the info shared on this page)
  15. Healthy longevity (expanding upon this info)
  16. Parkinson's disease (advancing this info)
  17. Hypothyroidism (expanding upon this info)
  18. Asthma
  19. Alzheimer's disease (expanding upon this info)
  20. Dementia
  21. Autism
  22. Healing energy, the mind, prayer and healing (further developing this page)
  23. Bible verses by topic (posting remaining initial content to be added)

For additional information on consulting services provided, please see policies, terms of use and medical disclaimer pages.

Donations: As mentioned above, I work on a donation basis, rather than a fee basis. For those who are able to support my work, your support is greatly appreciated! Support can be sent through Zelle (as mentioned above, with no fees charged to senders or recipients) or by check to the mailing address on my contact page. Donations are not currently tax-deductible.

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I share nutrition-based medicine and natural healthcare research, news, book reviews, product reviews, and related information by e-newsletter on a monthly or bi-monthly (every two months) basis. Some e-newsletters are fairly brief updates, while others are packed with information. To sign up, send your e-mail address to jl | at | johnlutz dot com, with the e-mail subject "E-news signup" and your name in the body of the e-mail.

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