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1. Highlighted Author: Burton Goldberg -- The Voice of Alternative Medicine

Video: Playlist of Burton Goldberg's DVD and Movie Previews: Cancer Conquest: The Best of Conventional and Alternative Medicine; Ethical Stem Cells Now; Depression, Anxiety and Panic Disorder; and Greed: Robbing America's Health

Burton Goldberg, The Voice of Alternative Medicine, was one of the world's top researchers in the broad field of alternative medicine, and one of the world's top cancer researchers. Additionally, he was the:

  • Founder and publisher of Alternative Medicine magazine, which was (and currently is) sold in many health food stores and book stores throughout the U.S. from about 1996 to present (now under a different publisher)
  • Author of 20 books, including Alternative Medicine - The Definitive Guide, -- a book on which he spent more of his own money researching and publishing than the NIH spent on the organization's initial founding, and Alternative Medicine, The Definitive Guide to Cancer -- an 1,100 page book highlighting the research of 37 top physicians using safe, nontoxic methods to successfully reverse cancer
  • Producer of 4 DVDs: Cancer Conquest: The Best of Conventional and Alternative Medicine; Ethical Stem Cells Now; Depression, Anxiety and Panic Disorder; and Addiction - Getting the Monkey Off Your Back
  • Produced a movie, Greed: Robbing America's Health (password: greed), which he was working on completing for theater distribution, before he passed away in November, 2016

Burton Goldberg's Interviews, Books, Articles and Videos

Health Condition Reference Books

Video: New, 5th Edition of Textbook of Natural Medicine released, July, 2020

Books citing thousands of studies from the major medical journals on the safety and the effectiveness of nutrition-based medicine and natural healthcare

  Each of the first ten books (the main numbers in the list), and many of the other books on this list, could be listed #1 for different reasons.

  1. Nutritional Therapy in Medical Practice: Reference Manual and Study Guide, by Alan R. Gaby, M.D., and Jonathan V. Wright, MD. 2011. Dr. Wright and Dr. Gaby's teaching guide for healthcare practitioners, which is also a highly readable, top choice nutrition-based medicine and natural healthcare guide for consumers. The guide provides concise, 1-2 page summaries of recommendations for many healthcare topics, and the reference manual provides thousands of supporting studies for the information presented. Dr. Wright skipped 2.5 years of high school before attending Harvard for his undergraduate studies, then the University of Michigan for his medical degree. Additionally, he received an honorary naturopathic medicine degree (the top medical degree on nutrition-based medicine and natural healthcare methods of health optimization) from Bastyr University. He has been actively seeing patients for the last 50 years, while also managing his own on-site testing lab since 1976 (to research, discover, test, retest, and real-world prove the information presented in this guide, and the below listed books) and producing his highly informative health e-newsletter. See:,,,,, YouTube channel, and Dr. Wright, Dr. Gaby and their assistants have reviewed all of the research on nutrition-based medicine and natural healthcare from the major medical journals for the last 100 years (a 50 year ongoing project), and they have compiled a database of close to 100,000 research studies in support of the use of nutrition-based medicine and natural healthcare interventions as primary and supportive methods of healthcare. Drs. Wright and Gaby are considered two of the world's top experts in the field of orthomolecular medicine, and they were both inducted into the Orthomolecular Medicine Hall of Fame in 2012. To purchase this reference manual and study guide, contact the Tahoma Clinic Dispensary at 206-812-9977. Price: $145 to $425 depending upon which versions (print, audio CD, mp3) and which print materials (protocol guide and/or research study reference manual) are ordered.
    1. Nutritional Medicine, 2nd. Ed., by Alan Gaby, MD. 2017. As mentioned above, Dr. Gaby, Dr. Wright, and their assistants have reviewed all of the published research in the major medical journals over the last 100 years on the topics of nutrition-based medicine and natural healthcare (100,000+ studies), and this book highlights the results of their research. Over 16,800 studies are referenced, and over 400 conditions are discussed. This 1,454 page book provides similar information as presented in the above guide and reference manual, along with additional supporting (detailed) information, which greatly helps explain, in a highly readable format, the basis for the nutrition-based medicine and natural healthcare approaches to healthcare and health optimization.
    2. Natural Medicine, Optimal Wellness, by Drs. Jonathan Wright and Alan Gaby. 2006. This book contains similar information as the two books listed above, but it is written for consumers in a highly effective doctor/patient visit reading format.
    3. Eating Clean for Dummies, by Jonathan Wright, MD, ND (Hon), and Linda Larson. This book is more of a nutrition book (answering all kinds of common questions related to the field of nutrition), but there is also a large amount of easily read, easily implemented information on the most common healthcare concerns, and it is a highly effective book for helping readers implement greatly improved nutrition and health.
  2. Textbook of Natural Medicine, 5th Ed., by Michael Murray, ND, Joseph Pizzorno, ND, and contributions from over 200 physicians and health researchers. 2020. Two volume set, 1886 pages and 13.05 lbs! The top textbook from the field of naturopathic medicine, a field of medicine primarily based upon nutrition-based medicine and other natural healing therapies. Over 10,000 studies are referenced in this book. Dr. Pizzorno founded what is widely considered to be the top college on nutrition-based medicine and natural healthcare in the world, Bastyr University; co-produced (with the George Mateljan Foundation and coworkers) the top food website online,; founded and publishes Integrative Medicine: A Clinician's Journal; and produced the artificial intelligence health optimization website, -- a health optimization tool seeking true, drug-free cures for illnesses. Individualized health optimization healing example: seizures cured in an individual (seizures can have different causes in different individuals). The system uses artificial intelligence to reference 70,000+ studies on nutrition and health to generate highly individualized healthcare recommendations based upon the following information entered into the system by users: current healthcare symptoms and conditions; responses to a large health question database, which generates additional further-relevant questions based upon the user's responses to the initial questions, so that deeper information related to the probable causes of healthcare concerns can be identified; family health history information; lab test information; any drugs currently being taken; and genetic information (if added to the system by users; the system takes 23andme genetic test info, and offers another additional, more comprehensive genetic test to help users gain a maximal level of highly individualized healthcare information)... all kinds of health related information, to generate individualized protocols based upon probability of deficiency, probability of effectiveness, and probability of safety (thereby incorporating the essential healthcare principles of "first, doing no harm," and "addressing the causes of illness"), while also referencing data on adverse drug effects (nutrient depletion and other adverse health effects), to produce highly individualized health optimization recommendations -- primarily nutrition-based recommendations, and recommendations for individualized, custom developed nutritional supplements (custom developed for the individual user of the system, and available for inexpensive purchase through the system). Dr. Pizzorno's student and 35+ year co-author for numerous books, Dr. Michael Murray, has authored over thirty of the top books in the fields of nutrition and natural healthcare, including The Complete Book of Juicing: Your Guide to Youthful Vitality, What the Drug Companies Won't Tell You, and Your Doctor Doesn't Know: The Alternative Treatments that may Change Your Life -- And the Prescriptions That Could Harm You. Dr. Murray is also widely considered to be one of the world's top experts in the use of nutrition and other safe, effective natural therapies for health optimization.
    1. The Clinicians Handbook of Natural Medicine, 3rd. Ed., by naturopathic doctors Murray, Pizzorno and Joiner-Bey. 2015. Provides information on diagnosing and treating 80 diseases and disorders with natural medicine, with concise summaries of diagnostic procedures, general considerations, therapeutic considerations, and therapeutic approaches for each condition provided. Based upon Textbook of Natural Medicine. Written for medical professionals, but still highly readable.
    2. Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine, by Drs. Murray and Pizzorno. 2012. A more readable, consumer-focused version of Textbook of Natural Medicine (although the textbook, written for students and medical professionals, is also highly readable). The first 240 pages contain information on supporting the body's healing systems, and the remaining 900+ pages provide information on healthcare concerns (for an A-Z list of healthcare conditions).
  3. Alternative Medicine: The Definitive Guide, by Burton Goldberg, PhD (Honorary Doctorate Degree in Humanities for his healthcare research, publications and the many lives positively impacted, extended and saved with his research and work efforts), and over 400 contributing physicians. 2002. The top reference book available for information on the many different healing therapies available from the fields of alternative medicine, integrative medicine, nutrition-based medicine and natural healthcare, including information on many therapies beyond the scope of field of nutrition-based medicine. This book provides highly advanced information on healing cancer, heart disease and other healthcare concerns, along with information on vision improvement therapy (behavioral optometry), bio-compatible dental care (biological dentistry) and many other safe, effective natural healing therapies not found elsewhere within one book.
    1. The Pure Cure: A Complete Guide to Freeing Your Life From Dangerous Toxins, by Sharyn Wynters and Burton Goldberg, 2012. One of the most comprehensive guides on the topic of the adverse health effects of toxins (see the book's table of contents).
    2. See also: Other Alternative Medicine: Definitive Guide books by Burton Goldberg (on cancer, heart disease, arthritis and many other topics).
  4. Total Wellness: Discover the Body's Healing Systems, and How They Can Work for You!, by Joe Pizzorno, ND. 1996. Contains highly readable, scientifically referenced information on how to support the body's healing systems to prevent and cure illness (vs. simply focusing on individual conditions, such as arthritis and allergies, which both indicate that the body's inflammation-related healing systems are in need of support). Table of Contents: 1) Introduction, 2) The Crisis in Health Care, 3) A Systems Approach to Total Wellness, 4) Strengthen Your Immune System, 5) Decreasing Toxicity, 6) Normalizing Inflammatory Function, 7) Optimizing Metabolic Function, 8) Balancing Regulatory Systems, 9) Enhancing Rejuvenation, 10) Live in Harmony with the Psychological/Spiritual Life-Force.
    1. Clinical Pathophysiology, by Joseph Pizzorno, ND and Joseph Katzinger, ND. 2012. Similar to Total Wellness, but more recently written (although most of the information in Total Wellness is still current and highly informative), and written for medical professionals, but still readable. Contains highly advanced information on utilizing nutrition-based medicine to support the body's primary healing systems: Cellular health, digestive health, detoxification, healthy insulin levels, inflammation, immune system, hormonal balance, regeneration and healthy aging, and cardiovascular health. See also Dr. Pizzorno's artificial intelligence, health optimization website,, which provides a system for quickly implementing all of the information contained in this book, and additional related healthcare optimization information and tools.
      1. The Companion Guide to Clinical Pathophysiology A Functional Perspective Practical Applications of Natural Medicine, by Joseph Pizzorno, ND, and Michael Murray, ND. 2012. Contains concise summaries of methods for supporting the body's healing systems. Chapters: (1) A Cellular Approach to Health, (2) Digestive Health, (3) Advanced Detoxification Support, (4) The Spectrum of Insulin Resistance, (5) A Comprehensive Approach to Inflammation, (6) Stress, Anxiety, Depression and Insomnia, (7) Immune Function, (8) Endocrine Balance, (9) Cardiovascular Disease, (10) Regeneration/Healthy Aging. Appendices: (A) Quick Reference Guide to Products Mentioned in Each Chapter, (B) Alphabetical List of Bioclinic Naturals Products, (C) Numerical List of Bioclinic Naturals Products
    2. The Toxin Solution: How Hidden Poisons in the Air, Water, Food, and Products We Use Are Destroying Our Health -- And What We Can Do to Fix It, by Joe Pizzorno, ND. 2017. Contains greatly expanded, detailed, and highly readable information on the topics of toxin exposure and detoxification, and their effects on health. Toxin exposure has now been clearly linked to most major healthcare concerns - cancer, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis and many others.
    3. Clinical Environmental Medicine -- Identification and Natural Treatment of Disease Caused by Common Pollutants, by Pizzorno and Walter Crinnion, ND. This book discusses the links between toxins and many healthcare concerns, including infertility, obesity, rheumatoid arthritis, heart disease and diabetes. Information is presented on how toxins such as arsenic, lead, mercury and organophosphates have become some of the leading causes of chronic disease in the industrial world, and how they poison enzyme systems, damage DNA, increase inflammation and oxidative stress, and damage cell membranes. Guidance is provided for assessing total body load and specific toxins, and evidence-based treatment procedures provide recommendations for decreasing toxin load, toxin exposure, and supporting the body's detoxification and elimination processes.
  5. Orthomolecular Treatment of Chronic Disease: 65 Experts on Therapeutic and Preventive Nutrition, by Andrew Saul, PhD, Allan Cott and Harold Foster. This book contains innovative and advanced information on the use of nutrients and nutrition for promoting optimal health and healing, from leaders in the field of orthomolecular medicine.
    1. Orthomolecular Medicine for Everyone: Megavitamin Therapeutics for Families and Physicians, by Abram Hoffer, MD, PhD, and Andrew Saul, PhD. 2008. Another excellent book by leaders in the field of orthomolecular medicine.
  6. Textbook of Functional Medicine, by Sidney MacDonald Baker, Peter Bennett, Jeffrey S. Bland, Leo Galland, Robert J. Hedaya, Mark Houston, Mark Hyman, Jay Lombard, Robert Rountree and Alex Vasquez. 2005. The top textbook on the field of functional medicine - another field of medicine primarily based upon nutrition-based medicine and other natural healing therapies. Extensively supported by medical research and real-world implementation.
  7. Prescription for Nutritional Healing, 5th Ed., by Phyllis Balch, CNC. 2010. This book was (from the 1990s to 2012, and likely still is) the most popular reference book utilized by health food stores throughout the U.S., with over 8 million copies sold. So, the book has received a large amount of real-world use and feedback. It is very broad, in regards to nutrition research (for nutrients and nutritional supplements) for promoting optimal health and healing. Ms. Balch passed away in 2004.
    1. Prescription for Natural Cures, by Mark Stengler, NMD, James Balch, MD and Robin Young Balch, ND. 2016. James Balch was the coauthor of prior editions of Prescriptions of Nutritional Healing, and previously married to Phyllis Balch. Prescription for Natural Cures is written in a similar format, with the latest research on nutrition and natural healing.
    2. Prescription for Drug Alternatives: All-Natural Options for Better Health without the Side Effects, by Mark Stengler, NMD, James Balch, MD and Robin Young Balch, ND. 2008. Provides in-depth information about prescription and over-the-counter drugs compared with natural treatment alternatives.
  8. Food is Medicine: The Scientific Evidence, Volume 1, by Brian Clement, PhD, LN, Director of The Hippocrates Institute. 2012. This book provides some of the most extensive research available on the health benefits of raw, live plant food. The Hippocrates Institute is a world-renowned educational center/healing retreat/spa/medical center that focuses on the use of nutrient-dense, raw plant foods and supportive nutrition, natural healthcare therapies, functional medicine lab testing, and lifestyle therapies to promote improved health and healing.
    1. Food Is Medicine: Edible Plant Foods, Fruits, and Spices from A to Z, Evidence for Their Healing Properties, Vol. 2. 2013. Provides summaries of the current research on the healing effects of common foods like garlic, turmeric, berries, mushrooms, and legumes in preventing and treating chronic illnesses. Provides in-depth analysis of 34 fruits, vegetables, spices, nuts, and other healing foods from algae to wheatgrass.
    2. Food is Medicine: Foods That Undermine Your Health, Vol. 3. 2014. Provides detailed research on the adverse effects meat, dairy products, and sugar, processed foods, food additives and food contaminants.
  9. The Green Pharmacy -- The Ultimate Compendium Of Natural Remedies From The World's Foremost Authority On Healing Herbs, by James A. Duke, PhD (Botany). 1998. Dr. Duke was one of the world's top experts on the thousands of nutritional phytochemicals found in plants (better living through phytochemistry vs. pharmachemistry); author of over 30 books on the health and medicinal properties of herbs and nutrient-dense foods; and a leader in the study of medicinal plants during his 27 year career with the USDA, where he interviewed thousands of traditional folk healers and scientists, while compiling a comprehensive technical database of the healthful and medicinal components found in common and exotic plants (Dr. Duke's Photochemical and Ethnobotanical Databases). He was also a co-founder of the American Botanical Council, one of the top sources of information on herbal medicine. Together, with his wife Peggy and garden staff, he developed the Green Pharmacy Garden in Fulton, Maryland, home of hundreds of species of healing plants, arranged in garden plots by condition for 80+ conditions, as presented in his book, The Green Pharmacy.
    1. The Green Pharmacy Herbal Handbook: Your Comprehensive Reference to the Best Herbs for Healing, by James A. Duke, PhD.
    2. The Green Pharmacy Guide to Healing Foods -- Proven Remedies to Treat and Prevent More Than 80 Common Health Conditions, by James A. Duke, PhD. 2009.
    3. Duke's Handbook of Medicinal Plants of the Bible, by Jame A. Duke, PhD.
  10. God's Original Diet, by Reverend George Malkmus of Hallelujah Acres. 2014. This book provides information on how the foods listed in Genesis 1:29 (and 1:30) can positively impact health. A diet comprised of raw plant foods and lots of greens, as described in Genesis 1:29, provides very high levels of vitamins, minerals and other healthful components from foods (carotenoids, flavonoids, and other nutritious phytochemicals; and plenty of protein, as long as sufficient calories are consumed), since (1) greens contain more vitamins and minerals per calorie than other food groups, and (2) raw foods contain, on average (depending upon cooking time), about 50% more vitamins and minerals than cooked food. There is insufficient data available in the top nutrition databases on the nutritional components of the many common wild edible foods to produce a full nutritional analysis of a Genesis 1:29 diet. But, there is some nutrition information available on some common wild edible plants. For now, see nutrient-dense foods menu providing 6x RDI/RDA for nutrients, which is primarily focused on foods listed on Genesis 1:29. In addition to the health effects of the Genesis 1:29 diet, God's Original Diet also includes information on nutrition and chapters on cancer, diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis, cardiovascular health, allergies and asthma, and other healthcare concerns. Other Bible scholars state that New Testament verses on diet override Genesis 1:29. God's Original Diet makes the case for the Genesis 1:29 diet.
    1. Rhonda's Culinary Creations, by Rhonda Malkmus. 2012. More recipes from Hallelujah Acres.
    2. See The Bible -- the full version, so New Testament Bible verses on diet and nutrition can also be considered.

Nutrition and Recipe Books

These books provide outstanding research on nutrition, recipes and the properties of foods. Most of the below books also discuss health topics, and they could be listed with the health reference books. Each of the below books could be listed #1 for different reasons.

  1. Becoming Raw: The Essential Guide to the Raw Vegan Diets, by Brenda Davis, RD, Vesanto Melina, MS, RD and Rynn Berry. 2010. This book contains extensive information on the science in support of a raw, plant-based diet (over 900+ studies referenced), information on the diet's positive effects on many major healthcare concerns (cardiovascular disease, cancer, arthritis, diabetes, weight loss, fibromyalgia and more), and detailed information on how to utilize a diet based upon raw plant foods (or increased consumption of raw plant foods) to improve health and promote healing, prevention and cures for many of the most common healthcare concerns. 40-50% of nutrients in food (vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and other healthful components of food), or more, are destroyed by cooking.
  2. World's Healthiest Foods: The Force for Change to Health Promoting Foods and New Nutrient-Rich Cooking, 2nd. Ed., 2015. Contains detailed information on the top 100-125 most nutrient-dense, inexpensive, readily available foods (animal and plant-based foods, cooked foods and raw foods). Written by George Mateljan, founder of Health Valley Foods, and one of the founders of the organic foods/natural products industry, and his outstanding/world-class team of nutrition and healthcare researchers. See 7 days of recipes providing 100% more of recommended amounts of essential nutrients. 3rd edition likely available in the end of 2019.
  3. Undo It!: How Simple Lifestyle Changes Can Reverse Most Chronic Diseases, by Dean Ornish, MD. 2019. This book provides information on Dr. Ornish's research no low-fat, plant-based diets. "Fight cancer, diabetes, heart disease, weight gain, and even the aging process itself with one simple, scientifically proven plan to reverse disease—as well as prevent and reduce symptoms—from the world-renowned pioneer of lifestyle medicine."
  4. The Whole Foods Diet: The Lifesaving Plan for Health and Longevity, by John Mackey, Co-founder and CEO of Whole Foods Market, Alona Pulde, MD, and Matthew Lederman, MD. 2017. As co-founder and CEO of Whole Foods Market, John Mackey has likely been exposed to as much, or more, information on diet and nutrition than anyone. The book makes the case for eating whole foods (not refined, processed foods; and ideally organic food), and more plant food (90% or more plant food), while highlighting research showing that healthcare conditions such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, excess body weight, type 2 diabetes and cancer can all be improved, and, in many cases fully cured, with the use of this diet. Also provided: profiles on the longest-lived population groups in the world, and outstanding information on making dietary changes successfully -- quickly, and for the long term.
    1. The Essential Good Food Guide: The Complete Resource for Buying and Using Whole Grains and Specialty Flours, Heirloom Fruit and Vegetables, Meat and Poultry, Seafood, and More, by Margaret Wittenberg, for VP of Quality Standards at Whole Foods Market. 2013. Provides comprehensive information and recipes on the many foods available in health food stores.
  5. Raw, the Uncook Cookbook, by Juliano Brotman.1999. "The first major guidebook to preparing gourmet raw cuisine. An introduction to the finest dining this planet has to offer, with unique dishes made entirely from vegetarian and living foods."
    1. Live Foods, Live Bodies, by Jay "The Juiceman" Kordich and Linda Kordich. 2013. Recipe book by one of the pioneers in the fields of health promotion through juicing and raw/live foods.
  6. Encyclopedia of Healing Foods, by Michael Murray, ND, Joseph Pizzorno, ND, and Lara Pizzorno, MA. 2005. Provides the latest research on the healing properties and nutritional components of food.
    1. The Magic of Food, by Michael Murray, ND. 2018. Dr. Murray has been one of the top researchers, product formulator and authors in the natural products and natural healthcare industries for the last 25+ years. His latest book, The Magic of Food, provides information on how foods act together to produce a healing effect that is greater than the sum of the individual foods.
    2. The Complete Book of Juicing, by Michael Murray, ND. 2013. A top choice for current books on juicing.
  7. Krause's Food & The Nutrition Care Process, 14th Ed., by L. Kathleen Mahan, RDN, and Janice L. Raymond, RDN, with contributions from another 90+ authors. 2016. One of the top college textbooks in the for the field of Dietetics.
  8. Healing With Whole Foods: Asian Traditions and Modern Nutrition, 3rd. Ed., by Paul Pitchford. 2002. A comprehensive guide to the theory and healing methods of Chinese medicine. Provides extensive information on nutrition, including facts about green foods, such as spirulina and blue-green algae, and the "regeneration diets" used by cancer patients and arthritics, and more than 300 mostly vegetarian, nutritious recipes.

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  1. My Utmost, For His Highest, by Oswald Chambers
  2. The Heart of the Amish: Life Lessons on Peacemaking and the Power of Forgiveness, by Suzanne Woods Fisher
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