Vegan Diet and Plant-based Nutrition

1. Videos and Books on the Vegan Diet and Plant-based Nutrition, by Brenda Davis, RD

Videos on the Vegan Diet and Plant-based Nutrition, by Brend Davis, RD

  1. Reversing Heart Disease, High Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure and Cancer with a Plant-based Diet, 4/19/19 (runtime: 15:07)
  2. Healthy Plant-based Tips, VegMed London 2019 (Omegas, WFPBD - Whole Foods, Plant-based Diet), 10/21/19 (11:00)
  3. Unleashing the Power of Plant-based Diets, VegMed London 2019, 10/16/19 (49:15)
  4. Are Meat, Fish and Milk Nutritional Necessities?, 6/16/19 (1:33:54)
  5. Unleashing the Power of Plant-based Diets, 6/4/19 (1:21:00)
  6. Defeating Disease with Whole-Food Plant-Based Diets. What to Eat?, 6/15/18 (1:30:01)
  7. Be Very Picky About Your Protein Sources, 2/18/18 (23:04)
  8. Cow-free Calcium, Becoming Vegan, Express Edition, by Brenda Davis, RD (5:02)

Books on the Vegan Diet and Plant-based Nutrition, by Brenda Davis, RD

  1. The New Becoming Vegetarian: The Essential Guide to a Vegetarian Diet, Complete Nutrition for All Age Groups, Recipes, Vegetarian Food Guide, Disease Prevention, by Davis and Melina, 2003
  2. Becoming Vegan: The Complete Guide to Adopting a Healthy, Plant-based Diet, The Latest Nutritional Information for You and Your Family, Vegan Food Guide, Practical Tips, Disease Prevention, by Davis and Melina, 2000
  3. Becoming Vegan Express Edition: The Everyday Guide to Plant-based Nutrition, by Davis and Melina, 2013
  4. Becoming Raw: The Essential Guide to Raw Vegan Diets, by Davis and Melina, 2010
  5. The Raw Food Revolution Diet: Feast, Lose Weight, Gain Energy, Feel Younger, by Davis, Melina and Soria, 2008
  6. Dairy-free and Delicious, by Davis, Grogan and Stepaniak, 2001

2. Game Changers Movie

Game Changers Movie Preview and Webpage Links

  3. Plant-based nutrition advantage: 
  4. Maximizing performance:
  5. Optimizing health:
  6. Bigger picture:
  7. Healthy weight:
  8. Building strength:
  9. Information for beginners (making plant-based nutrition easy):
  10. Plant protein:
  11. Some recipes:

3. Vegan Diet for Endurance Training

Scott Jurek, World-class Ultra-marathoner (50+ mile runs)

Books on Vegan Nutrition by Scott Jurek

  1. Eat & Run

Eliud Kipchoge, the First Runner to Run a Marathon in Under 2 Hours (on 10/12/19)

  1. Eliud Kipchoge's Diet: mostly vegetarian.
  2. Breakfast: Cereal and milk, or Kenyan chai tea (and milk and sugar) and bread:
    1. "To be successful in sports, it's not a chance. It's a choice. If you want to be successful, you need to choose. But to choose well, you must know who you are, and what you stand for. Where you want to go, and why you want to get there...This is a famous writer from Brazil, Paulo Coelho. He says, 'If you want to be successful, you must respect one rule. And that rule is never lie to yourself... When you really need, when you want to work well, to inspire, or get a big success, then you need to sacrifice yourself. Success comes with sacrifice. You sacrifice more, you get more success. You sacrifice little, you get little success."
  3. "...primarily plant-based diet, cutting out lots of processed foods and lowering his meat and dairy intake; though he is not fully plant-based." "A typical Kenyan meal consists of the following [% calories from carbs, protein and fat added to the quote]:
    • "Ugali (a type of cornmeal porridge)" [~90% carbs, 6% protein, 4% fat]
    • "Sukuma wiki (collard greens)" [61% carbs, 24% protein, 16% fat + if cooked in a fat source = higher fat percentage]
    • "Ndengu (stewed mung beans)" [74% carbs, 23% protein, 3% fat]
    • "Chapati (a tortilla-like bread made with wheat flour)" [70-75% carbs, 12.5-15% protein, 12.5-15% fat]
    • "Kenyan Chai Tea" [tea has zero or very few calories; 1/4 of a cup of whole milk + 2 tsp of sugar added to 4 cups of tea = ~64% carbs, 12% protein, 24% fat]
    • Macronutrient totals stated in the video: 85% carbs, 10% protein and 5% fat. More likely, based on the above diet + occasional meat (once every 1-2 weeks): ~70% carbs, 15% protein, 15% fat.
  4. "Kenyan greens, ugali, and lots of Kenyan tea...Ugali is a polenta-like dish made from cornmeal, sorghum, or millet flour."
  5. "...rice, potatoes, porridge and beans constitute the diet of Kipchoge and company ahead of INEOS 1:59 Challenge in Vienna."
  6. "...beet juice, milk (possibly, or likely raw, unpasteurized, non-homogenized), ugali and occasional meat," mentioned about 1/2 way through the filming of the Eliud Kipchoge's sub-2 hour INEOS 1:59 Challenge marathon run.
    1. Beet juice (beets & health, beet greens): ~83% carbs, 14% protein, 3% fat.
    2. Maurten sports drink: 100% carbs, 0% protein, 0% fat.
      1. What's the better choice? Maurten -- a patent-pending food product that contains caffeine (an addictive diuretic, which can promote the loss of water-soluble nutrients, such as B and C vitamins and minerals, promote anxiety, and contribute to inflammation and joint cartilage degeneration) + isolated/refined carbs and salt (and alginate, from brown algae, and pectin from berries, apples, and other fruit) ... or young coconut water -- a whole food in its natural state, which likely contains over 10,000 nutritional components, and a similar carb to water ratio as Gatorade?
  7. Possibly 90% vegan, 75% of calories from carbs (ugali may be made from unrefined grains vs. refined grains, as described by the speaker in this video on the diet of Kenyan runners).

4. Preventing and Reversing Heart Disease with a Low Fat, Vegan Diet, Vegetarian Diet, or a Mediterranean Diet (Non-vegan Diet)

Overview Information on Heart Health

  1. Reversing Heart Disease, High Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure and Cancer with a Plant-based Diet, by Brenda Davis, RD, 4/19/19 (runtime: 15:07)
  2. Information on Heart Health and High Blood Pressure (draft version)

Three Doctors and One Researcher Who Have Shown Reversal of Heart Disease Through Diet

Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr., MD and Olympic Gold Medalist

  1. Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr., MD (low fat, plant-based, whole foods diet; results; FAQs)

Dean Ornish, MD

  1. Dean Ornish, MD (low fat, plant-based, whole foods, vegetarian diet + healthy lifestyle; results).
  2. "The first Intensive Cardiac Rehabilitation program to be covered by Medicare, as well as national partnerships with many private insurers such as Highmark Inc, Anthem and HMSA."

Heart Health Researcher Nathan Pritikin

  1. Pritikin Diet (low fat, plant-based, whole foods, non-vegan diet; results)

Cardiologist Stephen Sinatra, MD and former Divsion 1 Wrestler

  1. Mediterranean Diet (higher fat, non-vegan diet)

5. Preventing and Healing Cancer with a Vegan Diet

  1. Reversing Heart Disease, High Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure and Cancer with a Plant-based Diet, by Brenda Davis, RD, 4/19/19 (runtime: 15:07)
  2. Hallelujah Acres (videos, research, results)
  3. Hippocrates Health Institute (videos, information and results)

6. Preventing and Healing Diabetes with a Vegan Diet

Books and Information on Diabetes

  1. There is a Cure for Diabetes, Revised Edition: The 21-Day+ Holistic Recovery Program, by Gabriel Cousins, MD
  2. Kick Diabetes Essentials: The Diet and Lifestyle Guide, by Brenda Davis, RD
  3. The Kick Diabetes Cookbook: An Action Plan and Recipes for Defeating Diabetes, by Brenda Davis, RD, and Vesanto Melina, MS, RD
  4. Jonathan Wright, MD, has highlighted research showing that 80% of type 1 diabetes can be prevented, if infants are given high doses of vitamin D.
    1. Some information on type 2 support:,

Innovative, FDA Approved, Drug-free Therapy for Improving Circulation, Reducing Pain, and Promoting Healing

  1. H-Wave:

7. The Bible's Messages on Nutrition

  1. Genesis 1:29
  2. Additional Bible verses on food and nutrition