E-news: 7/1/21

Natural Healthcare Immune System Support Research Summary; New and Updated Webpages; New Products and Services; Current Projects

Immune System Support Research Summary

  1. Immune system support research summary webpage updated, over 2,000 supporting research studies cited: https://johnlutz.com/#enews.

New and updated webpages

  1. Welcome, Quick Bio, and Products and Services webpage updated, and new products and services added: https://johnlutz.com/about/.
  2. Updated News web page: https://johnlutz.com/news/.
  3. Safe, effective natural blood thinner called nattokinase (see supporting information and research): https://johnlutz.com/nutrients/enzymes/nattokinase.
    1. Blood viscosity testing: https://www.meridianvalleylab.com/the-relationship-between-blood-pressure-and-blood-viscosity/.
    2. Olive leaf extract, https://store.barleans.com/olive-leaf-complex-c35.aspx, shown in research studies to lower blood pressure 12 systolic, 5 diastolic points. Reference: Clinician's Handbook of Natural Medicine, by Murray, Pizzorno and Joiner-Bey, https://johnlutz.com/books/#textbook_of_natural_medicine, and https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/?term=olive+leaf+extract+blood+pressure. Disclaimer: https://johnlutz.com/policies/fda-dshea. Note: conditions can have different causes (and, therefore, require different treatment methods to address the causes of healthcare concerns) in individuals. All information shared is for educational purposes only.
  4. Webpages on healing factors beyond (or in addition to) nutrition, exercise and physical interventions (energy medicine type of interventions):
    1. H-Wave muscle contraction and stimulation machine for promotion of healing for injuries, pain reduction, new capillary growth (increased circulation promotes healing and elimination of wastes): https://johnlutz.com/health/brain-power/#h_wave. This machine is also commonly used to support increased circulation (see supporting studies for diabetic neuropathy), and as a non-drug alternative to dental anesthesia and other pain relieving drugs. And, it is used by pro sports teams to promote improved health, healing and faster recovery from injuries.
    2. Ondamed Electrodermal Screening (EDS), also called Electroacupuncture According to Voll (EAV) and Meridian Stress Management (MSA): Used to detect energy imbalances in the body, and repair/restrengthen the imbalances: https://johnlutz.com/health/brain-power/#ondamed
    3. Quantum physics (matter exists as waves of energy, as well as physical matter -- a factor in “energy medicine” healing; helps provide a scientific basis for the explanation of, and utilization of the mind and prayer’s effects on the physical body): https://johnlutz.com/health/brain-power/#quantum_physics. Highly informative videos that will get you thinking a little bit!
    4. A medicine-less clinic in China using the above approach to heal cancer and watch a tumor shrink on an imaging screen with already healed affirmations and energy focus from others for a person who is not well: https://johnlutz.com/health/brain-power/#already_healed.
    5. Prayer and faith causing healing effects possibly in a related manner: https://johnlutz.com/health/brain-power/#already_won_faith_victory.
    6. Each of the above links can be found on https://johnlutz.com/health/brain-power/ (not the best page name, as it is an energy medicine, prayer/faith and brain power healing page).
  5. Some excellent health topic articles and videos: https://bioclinicnaturals.com/en-us/education.
  6. Website navigation updated: https://johnlutz.com.

New Products and Services Added

  1. Natural healthcare health optimization VIP membership program: https://johnlutz.com/about#vip.
  2. Health coaching for nutrient tracking, nutrient optimization and health optimization: https://johnlutz.com/about#health_coaching.
  3. Health consulting for healthcare concerns: https://johnlutz.com/about#health_consulting.
  4. Health condition natural healthcare research summaries: https://johnlutz.com/about#health_condition_research_summary.
  5. Consulting and health condition research support for healthcare practitioners: https://johnlutz.com/about#health_practitioner_support.
  6. Income opportunity for others: https://johnlutz.com/about#income_opportunity.
  7. E-newsletter signup (an initial signup format; a more standard e-news signup format to be added later): https://johnlutz.com/about.php#enews_signup.

Current Projects

  1. Merging content on https://johnlutz.com and https://naturalhealthcare.org (nonprofit under development) onto johnlutz.com, for now.
  2. Adding a large natural products and natural healthcare item online store.
  3. Adding top health books by category (about 50 natural healthcare book categories, and hundreds of books). For now, see https://johnlutz.com/books/#health.
  4. Adding a large selection of nutritional supplements, natural bodycare products, organic foods (grocery and bulk items), home health tests and other natural healthcare items and wholesale, or close to wholesale price with VIP program membership: https://johnlutz.com/about#vip (starting with 10-20 vendors, and about 1,000 products).
  5. Make research study main page and link to studies by topic pages.
  6. Make nutrition reference information and resources main page.
  7. Post product standards (no artificial ingredients, etc.) online; focus on organics and best-of-the-best natural healthcare supporting products available, at great prices.