Health Optimization and Proactive Healthcare

The current healthcare paradigm in the U.S. is primarily a "reactive disease care and symptom management" model vs. a "proactive care of health, health improvement, health optimization, prevention and cure" model. It seems that the current focus is to:

  1. Essentially (or to a large degree) ignore, or not significantly personally research, focus on, and implement optimal "care of health" for our unique, individual healthcare needs
  2. Consume (and subsidize) processed, non-organic foods (vs. foods in their natural state)
  3. Consume lots of unhealthy information (and thought processes, and energies) related to our lives and "the care of health"
  4. Visit a doctor (a diagnostician of end-stage symptom accumulations) for a diagnosis of the conditions that commonly result from these practices
  5. Take all kinds of man-made, patentable, profitable chemicals/drugs, which, in most cases, are designed to suppress symptoms (and, unfortunately, commonly cause further depletion of nutrients essential for health, and other harm) when end-stage (significantly present) healthcare conditions become evident ... rather than taking a deep look into the true causes of less than optimal levels of health

Is the above "healthcare" paradigm, which is regularly promoted by the profiteers of this model as the only valid, "science-based" model for healthcare), really the best way to care for our current healthcare needs, as well as prevent additional healthcare concerns from occurring in the first place? Or, is there a much better way?

A Path for Promoting Optimal "Care of Health"

Actively and proactively learn about the top research currently available from the fields of natural healthcare, alternative medicine, and integrative medicine (and other related natural healthcare fields) for all kinds of healthcare topics and concerns (health optimization, and specific healthcare concerns, such as cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, allergies, weight loss, vision improvement, natural/optimal dental care, and over 400 other healthcare concerns).

See also Bible verses by topic and information on energy medicine and related topics, since not all healthcare concerns have a physical cause, and not all healthcare concerns require physical-focused treatment paths for improved health and healing to occur. One example: healing chronic debilitating back pain through (somewhat) non-physically focused health interventions. Also: Health quotes; healing energy, the mind, prayer, and faith-based healing; Bible verses on healing, and the scientific method applied to health optimization and healthcare.

Additionally, there can be different causes and different cures for what appears to be the same healthcare concern in different individuals. One example: seizures cured in an individual by locating the cause of the seizures in the individual, and developing safe, effective, natural, inexpensive, individualized health optimization solutions. If we actively focus on promoting optimal health (including doing so in a highly individualized manner), many/most conditions can be prevented, or they will heal on their own, or they will heal through health promotion interventions and healthy, "care of health" lifestyle choices. So, much of the information to be shared on this website is health optimization focused information, not just end-stage condition focused information.

Wishing you and your family the best of health!

John H. Lutz III

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