Medical Disclaimer

Date: 7/11/21
Author: John H. Lutz, III
Publisher: JohnLutz.com LLC, PO Box 734, Claymont, DE 19703; 302-793-9330.

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This website, e-newsletters, print newsletters, other forms of communication, and information shared in-person by the author and publisher are provided with the goal of sharing information with others about health promotion through the safest, most effective means possible. The focus is on sharing natural approaches towards prevention and healing illness through the use of nutrition-based medicine, natural healthcare, and related fields.

The author’s educational training (https://johnlutz.com/about#quick_bio) combines traditional and non-traditional educational paths, primarily many years of one-on-one training with top experts in the above fields (apprenticeship), and extensive research into, and reading of, top books, textbooks, research studies, clinic handouts, websites, e-newsletters, and other educational materials shared by some of the most well-respected experts in the above fields, along with speaking with thousands of consumers one-on-one about nutrition, healthcare topics, current research, alternative treatment methods, alternative and integrative medicine clinic visits, innovative lab testing methods, innovative treatments and therapies, and related topics (real-world results obtained by consumers), and extensive first-hand testing of many of the above listed items shared with others. Quite simply: to obtain different or innovative information about any topic (no matter the topic), it is often necessary and essential to pursue a different path of research and studies on the topic.

The author works as an independent natural healthcare researcher and writer, preparing well-referenced research summaries for health-related topics of interest for consumers and healthcare professionals, providing informational and educational consulting on innovative treatment options available for consideration by consumers and their healthcare practitioners, and providing increased, cost-effective access to healthcare consulting by practitioners with advanced expertise in these fields, and increased, cost-effective access to related research, products and services -- helping the public exercise their inalienable right to making optimally informed choices related to their health and their healthcare-related decisions. The author is not physician, and does not “diagnose or prescribe.”

All information shared is provided for information and educational purposes only, and may not be construed as medical advice or instruction. No action should be taken solely based up the content and information provided. Rather, readers should consult with appropriate health professionals on any matter relating to their health and well-being. Some examples of healthcare practitioners with advanced educational training in nutrition-based medicine and natural healthcare can be found here: https://johnlutz.com/#immune_support_healing_systems (again, shared for informational and educational purposes only). The information and opinions of this website, e-newsletters, print newsletters, related forms of communication, and in-person are believed to be accurate and based upon extensive supporting research, based upon the best judgment of the author, but readers who choose not to consult with appropriate health authorities assume all related risks. The author and publisher are not responsible for errors or omissions.