Adverse Health Effects of Toxins, and Information on Supporting the Body's Detoxification Systems

Video: The Adverse Health Effects of Toxins, and How to Support the Body's Detoxification Systems.

Dr. Pizzorno has been studying the topic of detoxification for 50+ years. Recently, he performed $1500 worth of health tests on 4,500 people (close to $7 million in health tests) to evaluate their levels of toxicity, and the positive results achieved through the use of nutrition-based medicine, natural healthcare and integrative medicine interventions. In the above video and in his below book, The Toxin Solution, he shares what he's learned on the topic of detoxification.

Toxin Information and Detoxification Books

  1. The Toxin Solution: How Hidden Poisons in the Air, Water, Food, and Products We Use Are Destroying Our Health -- And What We Can Do To Fix It, by Joseph Pizzorno, ND, 2019. A concise guide on the adverse health effects of toxins and foods and nutrients to promote the elimination of toxins, by a doctor who has spent 50 years studying the topic.
  2. The Pure Cure: A Complete Guide to Freeing Your Life From Dangerous Toxins, by Sharyn Wynters and Burton Goldberg, 2012. One of the most comprehensive and current guides on the topic of the adverse health effects of toxins (see the book's table of contents and co-author Burton Goldberg's bio).
  3. Clinical Environmental Medicine -- Identification and Natural Treatment of Disease Caused by Common Pollutants, by Pizzorno and Walter Crinnion, ND, 2018. This book discusses the links between toxins and many healthcare concerns, including infertility, obesity, rheumatoid arthritis, heart disease and diabetes. Information is presented on how toxins such as arsenic, lead, mercury and organophosphates have become some of the leading causes of chronic disease in the industrial world, and how they poison enzyme systems, damage DNA, increase inflammation and oxidative stress, and damage cell membranes. Guidance is provided for assessing total body load and specific toxins, and evidence-based treatment procedures provide recommendations for decreasing toxin load, toxin exposure, and supporting the body's detoxification and elimination processes.

Toxin Information and Detoxification Articles and Videos

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